Wednesday, September 1

Autumn and Winter are coming closer

This morning on my way to the annual dental control I became aware of the first Autumn sign in Oslo.
In the Queen´s Park in the Royal Garden the first yellow leaves could be seen up in the beautiful green trees given the award "Green Park of the year 2006"
The flowerbeds are still beautiful, and the colors have been changed to fit the season, both in the Queen´s Park (that are still open for the public) and at the June 7th square in front of the Foreign Department.
A more significant warning that we soon are entering Winter season, could be found outside the Oslo2011 pavilion.
The first tickets for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship events from February 23rd to March 6th were out for sale with signature from the Norwegian Ski Jumper and world record holder by jumping 239 meters on March 20th in Planica. 2005, Bjørn Einar Romøren.

And I who thought a ticket was a ticket.


RuneE said...

Vi har visst begge fått høstfølelsen. Vinterfølelsen klarer jeg meg uten.

Tone said...

Flotte bilder av en begynnende høst! Ja, høsten har begynt å foriktig titte frem her i vest også... Håper på en vakker høst i år.