Thursday, September 9

My first Art Poster and it´s Consequence

35 years ago my financial situation was not too good. At least not at a level where art and paintings could be included in the budget. An alternative was to decorate the walls of my apartment with posters.
My first poster from 1975 was the one above which I got from the owner of the gallery for free. At that time the posters was seen as an advertising tool and spread around in shop windows.8 years later the galleries were selling the posters, and this cost 50 nok in 1983. However, it was numbered (2/100) and signed by the painter.

Kai Fjell was one of the important artists in the Modernism in Norway (also called The New Impressionism).
In the 1930's a number of young artists adopted new influences through exhibitions of German Expressionist art and of Surrealism. This subjective and expressive approach to painting was for most painters a temporary phenomenon, not at least due to strong public opposition. Such individual expression broke at that time with the generally accepted conventions and rules in Norwegian art.
For a few artists elements of expressionism and surrealism, however, became more durable components of their artistic expression.
Kai Fjell was one of these.A major work by Kai Fjell from this time is " The calf stands up"(1937), a motif from a farm where the white newborn calf tries to stand on wobbly legs beside the cow right in the picture, etc.

Arne Ekeland was another important painter from the same period who challenged the national mainstream represented by the academy. Expressionism and Surrealism also influenced his art. In addition, he received the impression from both cubism, Byzantine mosaic art and from Florence paintings, especially Botticelli."The last shots" (1940) is an almost surreal apocalyptic vision conveyed by the vague shape in the middle of the picture. On an island in the lake the representatives of the old power-structure was captured, - church, capital and military power. In the background suggests the ruins of a society of their devastating impact, etc.
More of Arne Ekeland´s paintings from Høvikodden some years ago can be found at My Gallery

It is a long way from my first poster by Rune J. Andersson to these spectacular paintings not obtainable for me even on an improved budget situation. However, their paintings have influenced my interest for art and been a tutorial tool for developing my humble paintings.


9na said...

Likte godt den første, mannekatten.

RuneE said...

Det headerbildet var knall!!!

Anne said...

Jøsses her inne blir man bare yngre og yngre gitt :-) undrer hvor lenge en må bli før det begynner å gjøre utslag på en hulder??

Vel, knall!!!! vær i trøndelag om dagen, og det har nok bidratt Arne til at det har blitt underprioritert litt kommentering ja..., håper en er tilgitt, men jeg fikk litt oppdatering sammen med ettermiddagskaffen her nå da .-)

Uenig med 9na her faktisk, det andre var min absolutte favoritt faktisk, men smaken er vel som baken... :-)

Fin torsdag kveld til deg, og hils husfrua.


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