Monday, September 6

Portugal once more, thanks to Carla

I could not let the yesterday comment from Carla go without making a special post to honor a small country with great history and humble people called Portugal.
Therefore I today will present some of my experiences with and in Portugal:

In August 22nd 2005 I received this comment from Rogerio Santos

I've found your blog just today. It's a nice site. I've a blog also, (Lisbon, Portugal), where I write about cinema, books, newspapers and whatever into the domains of cultural industries. I teach communication and journalism at Portuguese Catholic University, here in Lisbon. So, do you give me permission to reproduce in my blog your paintings Golden Jacket, Tullarbo and Blue Lady? Thank you.

Of course he got my permission.
(When clicking on the images you may see them in larger sizes and when clicking on the underlined references more details will come to your attention)

Prior to that comment I had been interested in Portugal from spring 1974 when we left-wingers supported the Revolução dos Cravos making Portugal a modern state and later when visiting Lisboa 30 years later to celebrate my birthday autumn 2004.
Hopefully these memories can be seen once more.The two first photos from the top of Parque Eduardo VII and the last shows the tram coming up to Bairro Alto from Sao Nicolau

In 2008 I returned to Portugal together with old friends from DNV. I covered the travel in a post from May 2008, but in addition to my Portugal Gallery some photos can be repeted today with reference to Portugal´s great history:
The Tavira medieval bridge over river Gilao could be shown but what about a local citizen instead.Praia da Rocha at the Algarve Coast is another great memory.Further west on the coast we find the city Lagos and Ponte da Piedad.When leaving Algarve we visited Evora on our journey to Lisboa.The Diana temple and Capela dos Ossos are spectacular memories of a time left behind.In Lisboa I only share my experiences with you by presenting The Belen Tower (dedicated to the patron saint of Lisbon, St Vincent, and commemorated the expedition of Vasco de Gama),
The Tomb of Vasco da Gama in Jeronimos Monastery
and special the new part of the city (Parque das Nacoes) with one of the most stunning modern sights in Lisbon: The Oriente Railway Station.
West of Lisboa we visited Sintra and the cliffs at Cabo Raso. Going west from here you will end up in America.

Our next visit to Portugal must be to the wine districts north of Lisboa Porto and Duoro river area. Perhaps will the visit include Coimbra as an excuse to yesterday misinterpretation.The testing of different Porto qualities, gave only a "Do not wait too long before returning" message.
Hopefully will many visitors from Portugal appreciate my "To Carla dedicated blogpost" and may the best team win in the Tuesday football mach between Norway and Portugal. Perhaps will the medical students move further north and join the supporter-party around the match.


Anne said...

Utrolig arti innlegg Arne! Utrolig arti med slike overaskende positive kommentarer fra uventet hold også, langt langt hjemmerfra.

Takk også for at du tok meg med tilbake til den vakre byen, og jepp sann! æ sa; tru du itj at d konnja verre arti å sjett en kamp på Estádio da Luz?? og :-))) he he til Lisboa det bar...

Vår første sommer med GPS husker jeg, en gledelig opplevelse, reddet ekteskapet den faktisk, ingenting å krangle om etter veien lenger heller nå...

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda speechless about your gesture of understanding and sympathy, once more your way of looking into life and then show it for other people to see it,plain and simple ,is much more than words (my words at least) can say. You've made my smile bigger, THANK YOU! And honestly it was not about the singers, I wasn't there to see the performance but it is true that they performe for money sometimes, to help with costs of their senior year holliday to somewhere nice after years of hard studying and partying!

I don't actually know you but since I visited with a friend Oslo in Norway last year, I've been fascinated for the country, it's people and many things related. Before my visit to the beautiful city of Oslo all I knew about Norway was the salty cod fish, wich Portugal is the number one consumer in the world of that delicious fish. So because I wanted to know more, I google searched "Vesteralen" and it came up (in between many sites) "from Algarve to Vesteralen" and that instantly caught my attention, what does Algarve in Portugal has to do with Vesteralen in Norway, I thought. It was your blog! I spent the rest of that day going throw your blog archive. Top to botton, actually the other way round, botton to top, made more sense for me! Your blog is like a really good book that you always want more and just the opening of it makes your eyes bigger!

Like I said, I don't really know you but your story and your stories if I can put it that way, make me visit the blog every day! It's one of my homepages, I can't miss it! I've got only two anyway!
And because you made me feel a little bit unconfortable (in a good way, it turned out to be a good thing) well, that's how I felt when I saw my comment in red on your blog, I thought "Oh no, he's furious...what have I done!!", for that and to show respect I must say that my name is Carla Carvalho, I was born 32 years ago in the beautiful city of Porto where I got my parents,sister (actually lives in Lisbon) and brothers and dogs. I lived and studied in Coimbra for some years, where I got my degree. I've been living in London like I said but I'm already planning to go back for good to Portugal. I miss so many things, things that you cannot find elsewhere, a travelled man like yourself knowns for sure the feeling. And who knows if one day I won't see you and your lovely wife (she is for sure) taking pictures of one of Porto's landemarks like the D.Luis Bridge projected by the Eiffel himself. You're very welcome!

Many thanks,