Wednesday, September 15

A Grass Widower Dinner

I am not a bachelor, but when my wife is away visiting our family in Swansea Wales, I can be more creative when making dinner than normal. Of course we experiment with food when we are a couple too, but making dinner for only one person is according to singles a challenge.
Therefore, this blogpost.

Today I made my dinner consisting of fried rough pollock cakes, simpel ratatouille and cold potato salad.

My homemade Pollock cakes are made of fish, chopped small leek, butter, milk, starch of potatoes, salt, nutmeg and black pepper. Put everything in a food processor. Let it run for a minute or two, form cakes and fry them in a pan with Colza oil and some butter.
My simple Ratatouille (if I may call it that) consist of chopped sweet pepper or Paprika mixed with thin slices of squash and roasted onion heated soft with a touch of ketchup, salt and pepper in the frying pan together with the fish cakes.
Potato salad? I used Denja Godt & Lett
I only regret the scar on the plate. But that visualizes that this post was created when eating my Wednesday Grass Widower Dinner.


Anne said...

Trløstes min, hadde jeg nå bare visst litt tidligere hadde jeg nå hatt helt lart for meg hvor middagen skulle vært i dag ja!

9na said...

God ide! Fiskekaker blir aldri feil.