Thursday, September 16

Do you believe in Angles and/or Aliens

This week´s celebrity debate in Norway has been if or if not a member of the Royal family can say that she believes she can talk to dead persons. She herself believes, according to many interpretations of her statements to media, that it IS possible to talk to persons "on the other side".
But she is not allowed to help others and at least not make money based upon her believes because she theoretically could be head of our nation and thus head of the public church in this country. She is presently number 4 in the royal line.
A person that really is marketing and selling communication with the other side is Steve Godfrey "He has helped hundreds of individuals and families establish a loving connection with their relatives in heaven. You could be next. " according to his website.

Our Princess says she can talk to Horses and Angles. This video may well fit into the "Princess´s" marketing for her school of angles or whatsoever. Angles can be visualized by the help of a Foam printer.

Or do you rather believe that Aliens make visit to our planet and document their visits through Crop Circles?If skeptical please look at this video to be convinced.
It shows a crop circle fanatic dreams come through. She (a strong supporter of the princess ability to talk to the dead) actually gets taken to a fresh crop circle to experience the mystic energies emanating from it. It's going to change her life, she says.
In case you don't recognize the mysterious symbol flattened into the grass, all is revealed here.

Thanks to Trine and David for tipping me off these intriguing videos.


Anne said...

Ja hva skal man si, det meste har vel blitt sagt i avisene og på nettet de siste dager..., men synes faktisk Bjørn Eidsvåg sa de så greit..., vi bør vel konsentrere oss med å kommunisere med hverande, vi som lever, før vi kaster bort tid med å snakke med døde...

RuneE said...

This sceptic link comes to my mind when I hear such issues discussed. The book by the same name as the site is highly recommended.

RuneE said...

Thank you for the comment - I feel that your suggestion and mine would disagree on a number of things, although their are probably agreements too.