Wednesday, September 22

New blog at Myramar Hotels

I normally only act as a "PR-consultant" for Blogs and Web-sites that I have tested out for a while, and only for blogs in English and / or Norwegian that have confirmed its existence over time.
Therefore I have no doubt in recommending my son-in-law David´s David M. Berry Daily. Here you may find current and interesting information about and references to Sites, Media, Education, Art and Entertainment, Stories, Photos and Technology. Try it out.

However, today I act differently.
Director Carlos Cana at Hotel Myramar Fuengirola has tried to start (unfortunately preliminary only in Spanish) a blog about the life at the hotel. Because I have personal experiences about the apartment hotel and the in- and out-door facilities:I use this opportunity to tell you about a nice place in Andalusia, Southern Spain, and what is going on at the Mediterranean Costa del Sol this autumn. My own experiences from last winter and summer 2010 can be found in my Blog Archive for February-March 2010 and June-July 2010. You are always welcome to visit my present and historical blog-posts.

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Anne said...

Få sitte litt i skyggen med deg der Arne, nyte et godt glass vin og en god samtale. DET hadde vært medisn for en hulder som meg nå. Forkjølet i regntunge Trøndelagen.

Ja, du er jo rå god på pc`så du kunne startet sånn `support` bedrift du!! Nå må jeg inn til svigersønenn din, se hva som befinner seg der....