Tuesday, September 14

Do you want to be famous, a celebrity or just yourself

I published in march 2009 a blogpost covering Kate Moss in Oslo.
The web is full of images about this 36 years old English Model and her notorious high-profile relationships and party lifestyle.Kate Moss is a person that lives by being seen more or less in every situation,


this morning I became aware of a video from hollywoodtv covering the chaos when Kate Moss arrives at LAX. (Los Angeles)
Watching this video with the swarm of people taking pictures of Kate Moss with child as they go out in public, convinced me: there must be a clear line, verge or extreme limit between profesional and private sphere even for celebrities.
I am glad I am only myself.


9na said...

Heldigvis er jeg også bare 9na. Puhhh!

RuneE said...

I think you would look strange trying to be Kate Moss :-)

Anne said...

Glad jeg slipper unna det styret der jeg også ja :-)