Friday, October 15

Aliens, Hardware and Heavyware

Early Friday morning I gave my youngest daughter a hike to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. She left via Tromsø for a stay over this weekend at Longyearbyen, Svalbard visiting her best friend Ylva. Many strange objects can be found and seen around an airport, but most can be identified.
It is not so easy to identify the Aliens I later this morning met at SATS, but no UFO as far as I can imagine. However, the shape of the equipment reminds me of the Battle Droids we saw in the Clone Wars ( StarWars)Yesterday evening I used the Face Time function on my iPhone 4 for the first time. My eldest daughter in Wales received her new iPhone4 the same day and we just had to try out video communication via this IT-equipment. Very, very good.
Using the iPhone for video conferences is a combination of Hardware and Software in a brilliant solution. Next Wednesday, Oct 20th, we will get more news from Apple (Hardware or / and Software) under the Back to the Mac invitation. Until that we have to use other types of Hardware for coping with age and the virility of our body-ware.
For special interested, I will use this "----war(e)" blogpost to do as Apple and pre-recommend The Philosophy of Software, but you must accept that the text probably can be as heavy as some of these Heavy-wares at my Fitness-studio.If you think reading is not your most preferred activity, rather take a look at this video recommended by David, the author of the book mentioned.
Have a nice weekend wherever you are and do.

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