Thursday, October 14

Another 33

Yesterday I wrote about the magic number 33 connected to the date and the successful rescuing of the 33 miners in Chile. Today, on the winterday, we celebrate our 33 years of marriage, and I give you some of the highlights from that togetherness. Above memory from our wedding day in our home at Sinsen, Oslo a long time agoFrom our stay in Singapore mid 90 a photo from the food paradise at East Coast with peper crabs, drunken prawns etc.
This photo show the couple in a tent at the boarder between The Emirates (Dubai) and Oman (muscat) at the Arabian Peninsula.
We visited Japan together shortly after the earthquake in Kobe, and experienced the hospitality of our Japanese colleagues showing us around the old city of Kyoto.
In Barcelona Parque Guell and the all the other Jugent Art expressions in this Catalonian city became memories for life shortly after my rebirth through organ transplantation.
Many of the memories we experienced together, neither Tullen nor I was in front or behind the camera. In many years the only photos we took was connected to the development of our girls. These photo memories with only us together on the same images must therefor be a short review, ending with sunset in the South China Sea at the island Rawa.
Many other experiences you may find if visiting my blogposts from June 2008


Anne said...

Gratulerer så mye Arne. 33 år, ja det bør feires!!!

9na said...

Gratulerer så masse til dere begge to!