Monday, October 4

POPPLET - The best app for sharing visual ideas ?

On September 23rd 2010 I presented a post about Twitter and my early connection (April 7th 2007) to this Network. In 2007 I looked upon Twitter as a playing tool and did not see the potencial and speedy development of Social Networking for people and organisations. Today "everybody" all over the world is talking about or are on Facebook or Twitter, part of Vimeo and / or Ping.Today I give my visitors a new and interesting tool: Popplet, through a brief presentation of a family tree 2010 by use of this App. Popplet is at the moment on iPad, but also developing in the ordinary web. Hopefully an iPhone version will be ready soon too.

Btw, if you don´t know, have to Choose One and thus are eager to evaluate Facebook vs Twitter see Twitip. For me (@ArneA) the 140 characters per update limitation on Twitter is very important.

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