Sunday, October 10

Closing cottage for winter

It is time to close the cottage for this season. Furnitures have been moved from the lawn and under cover. The grass is still green and a single rose is searching for sun beams, but the cold is coming closer
Rikke and Tullen are cutting down perennials and use the leaves to cover the roots against frost and snow. The golden hedge and a late blooming yellow Potentilla is not willing to give in yet.
At the central pipe bowl "competent" people are gathering for the closing of water supply and emptying the pipes. Temperatures are estimated below zero C deg. in the coming nights.The renovated piping system must not be damaged by frozen water during the long winter so we all are emptying tanks and pipes.
"Winter apples" are still hanging on trees and Tor makes a short sour taste in front of the colorful hedges outside our garden. The test results in one conclusion: Let them hang some weeks more.It is time to say goodbye and thanks for the lovely garden-weeks Rikke, Tor and Maja have stayed at Tullarbo this year. Welcome back next year.

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RuneE said...

Merry Christmas! ;-)