Wednesday, October 20

A follower onboard a ship?

Is it possible that I have a visitor or regular follower which is onboard a ship? Is it a cruise ship, a sailing boat or merchant ship. Maybe one of the surveyors from DNV is performing inspections, and spend her/his off duty time to visit my blog?
I don´t know, but yesterday I had visit from Bahamas, and today another new flag came up. The nation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lie at the southern end of the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea where the latter meets the Atlantic Ocean.
The flag is composed of three vertical bands of blue, yellow and green (the yellow band forming a Canadian pale being half the width of the flag) with three diamonds centered in the yellow band and arranged in a V which stands for Vincent. These diamonds recall Saint Vincent as the "gems of the Antilles". Blue represents the tropical sky and the crystal waters, yellow stands for the golden Grenadine sands, and green stands for the islands' lush vegetation.

Who ever you are, I hope you were satisfied with the result of the visit and welcome you back soon.

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