Wednesday, October 13

An emotional day - 131010 = 33 miners

October 13th 2010 (131010) must be one of the most emotional days on Global Television.

All right, after my transplantation almost 13 years ago (Smultaneous TX Cor and TX Renis) I have often got tears in my eyes when extraordinary occasions happen. I am much more emotional to other´s success and I am touched by things and situations that I never before bothered to care about.
Some of the more experienced transplanted persons says that it has to do with the medications we are using for the control of our immune system, and others say that it has to do with the psychological tags in our brain after being very close to death and then saving our lives by receiving organs by donors that have lost their own beloved one.

The rescue process of the 33 miners through the 2,041-foot escape shaft in Chile today is a spectacular event on TV-channels all over the world, and a very emotional experience for those involved. So for me too.
When I see the images of miners returning to surface from 622 m down in the demolished mine, my eyes becomes wet. In this situation I recall what I experienced when waiting for suitable organs in 12 months and the uncertainty after coming out of a hard operation lasting 13 days due to various difficulties.
The situation of my wife and children and the process my family went through in 1998 are similar to what the miner´s relatives have been going through during their 69 days of uncertainty. Chile's President Sebastian Pinera embraces Florencio Antonio Avalos Silva, the first miner to be rescued (photo AP)
No reason to be embarrassed when I and probably thousands of others in Chile and around the world let the tears come out when watching pictures like the one here.
The 33 number will forever be linked to this emotional day.

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