Wednesday, October 20

Last day of Autumn 2010 ?

The weather forecast for Oslo this Wednesday evening indicates that this season´s first snowfall will arrive late tomorrow. In the northern and western part of Norway the slippery roads have already created trafic problems. The last information indicates that we will be hit by snow in the afternoon or early evening.
Can we however trust the computer simulations or will we be surprised as always.
I do not take any chances and present therefore a photo taken out of the window from my working desk this afternoon. It can be the last image of this year Autumn.
About 8 mm precipitation from 8 pm to midnight, and temperature around zero will give challenges. If the snow arrives earlier, when people are traveling home from work, chalenges turn to problems.
Friday morning I may possible present images from the first snowfall like I did November 5th last year and October 30th 2008


Anne said...

...og her våknet en til årets første hvite dag...

9na said...

Jeg vet en som vil preppe skiene sine i natt i påvente av morgendagen. Han regner nok med skiføre på Sollihøgda i morgen kveld :)