Tuesday, June 2

Cap that last forever (almost)

Some days ago I presented my grandson Henrik in a blue and white cap. His sister Helene also liked to use this cap during her stay in Norway 2004.
And the owner himself used it in 1991 during a sailing tour in the Oslo fjord.
The origin of the cap can be found in El Arenal, Malorca, 1971 where the baby cap (between Beers, Cuba Libres, Lumumba Calientes, Veteranos and lot of fun at the beach and nightclubs) in an uncertain way ended on the top my head and followed me back to Norway. In six consecutive years the cap was to be seen during happy days and nights in Mallorca (same place, same hotel and same wild bunch from many countries).
In the aftermath of the wild bachelor period, the cap followed me on various holidays with family and children and on vacations abroad. Being almost 40 years old, I may call the cap shabby (?) but still useful.
I promise that Maja at least once in the future also will find shade under the white and blue cap.

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