Friday, June 26

Summer flowers

The garden is full of flowers. It is full summer. The night is warm and the nordic light as beauty as ever. The flowers in my garden returns every year, and we have not much heavy work to do until the blossom cheers us up and fill the property with colors, cense and sensibility.
I do not know too much about Roses and their names. The importance is, however, that the beauty in red, yellow and pink can be found everywhere around our cottage.
Have a nice weekend all over the world.


Anne said...

Snakk om blomsterprakt du, det ekploderer jo så fort varmen og sola kommer jo!!

Sink said...

Beautiful! Peonies are my favorite because they remind me of the old house I grew up in. I have tried to plant some here, but they are not as beautiful as yours. I also like seeing the pictures of you so relaxed.

kissa said...

What beautiful flowers in your garden. I love Oslo it is my favourite city in Europe. I just love it!

Kay said...

Just Awesome pictures of those flowers... Yellow roses looks great and my favorite!!