Monday, June 8

Three years ago and three months from now

In these days, three years ago, I posted a photo of my blossoming apple trees with the fertilizer in full activity. The spring must have been delayed in 2006.

This year no more flowers can be seen in the fruit trees. The knots have taken over the branches, so the fertilizers have obviously done their job already. If the presently chilly weather is god or bad for the fruit season this year, remains to see.

One part of me look forward to harvest plums and apples in August / September, but the other part would more like to see that the youngsters in the neighborhood during the dark evenings, do as we did many years ago; Go on Epleslang.
Epleslang is Norwegian and means "apple thieves" and this is exactly what the game is about. The players are kids trying to sneak into their neighbours garden and steal as many apples as they can while at the same time avoiding both the neighbour and his angry dog.

I do not have a dog, so maybe that is why my apples often fall to the earth before anybody trying to impress the girls by stealing them, or maybe the fruits in other plots are better than mine ecological worm-eaten apples. Nor have I seen a modern Isaac Newton or Galileo Galilei doing experiments under my apple trees, so hopefully has nature only done what nature has to do. Moving from flower to flower, tree to tree, garden to garden creating life and motives for photos.

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