Wednesday, June 10

V for Virility

Through David McMahon´s Authorblog and his redbubble I discovered the artist Kate Smith and her paintings. One of them inspired me to make this work which I call "Virility".Why choosing this title? Why not. Kate´s paintings are really virile and in a way she makes me think of Amedeo Modigliani, a painter from I have got great inspiration.

It is the 99th day of ABC Wednesday today, and the letter is U.
Because I am Very impatient, and cannot participate next week, the 100 anniversary of the ABCW start, I do as the Bvlgari Jewelry, swap the U to V.

I could have chosen V for Visiting David´s blog, of Visiting Kate Smith´s homepages.
I could also have chosen V for Venetian Red, a color I have used in the painting, and so on.

But I end up with V for Virility.


Anne said...

Du får meg nå opp av senga du Arne :-)) ikke værst det heller, en mann i din alder :-))

Kraftfullt bilde i sterke farger, og ja, jeg har vært litt der om dagen jeg også :-))

Hilsen en som gjesper allerede her hun sitter.

Marie Reed said...

I adore this virile, vibrant, and vivacious painting! Good choice!

Rose said...

I agree with Marie--this is a Vibrant painting! I thought you had mixed up the letters this week, until I read on--very clever:) On behalf of the team, thanks for sharing this.

Babooshka said...

Bold, strong and V FOR vivacious and victorious. So striking.

Anne said...

Klart mente jeg DAMEN ;-)

ANNA-LYS said...

I love this art!!!!

9na said...

Knalle farger og stilig strek... (Skjønner ikke kunst jeg men liker det jeg ser).