Tuesday, June 30

Thank you for the hospitality

Once more we have spent some days and nights together with good friends at Asbjørn and Anne Katharina´s summer residence close to the North Sea.
Eating excellent food, drinking good red wines, singing old Ålesund songs, climbing the hills, walking costal safari for flower picking and ending the days / evenings with Jacuzzi bathing.
Thank you for the hospitality.
Part of the weekend was late celebration of Anne Kath´s 60 birthday, and the old bunch from Ålesund gathered together for an excellent lunch, dinner and over night party.Touring the landscape around the residence included climbing steep hills, was of course part of the event including guiding through the history of the islands around
A great view down to the "farm houses" and the North Sea. Out there to the west you find Greenland as your first shore. Sitting in the Jacuzzi with camera watching the sunset from 23.30 to 23.45 was spectacular.We return when invited. (do not wait too long)

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mrsnesbitt said...

Wonderful! Loved the sunset!