Tuesday, June 9

Not Monday but still Odd Shots

Saturday I wrote about some of the animals that make visits to our cottage during winter time.
Yesterday I walked around my 500 sqm property near the geographical center of the Capital of Norway; Oslo, and sent a question to RuneE about more sophisticated cameras than the one presently in use by me. The reason was that I found some odd motives and thought that "better" equipment would give "improved" results to document other animal visitors.

The odd dog on top (an old Boxer?) is probably easy to recognize, but what about the Squirrel on the dog´s nose.
And what about the odd Owl in the photo below?
RuneE´s answer was that the offer I had received was ok but not the best possible buy. So for this summer you have to accept that I still am an ordinary blogger, combining text and photo, and not being part of the photoblogger´s exclusive world.
Hopefully will my contribution to the blog-world continue to be of some interest for readers around the globe.

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Anne said...

Bare MÅ ha deg i liste på den fotobloggen, hvis ikke glemmer jeg det, og som de sier i Tine; aldri en dag uten :-)