Friday, April 10

Mountain Trips = Easter Activity

In Easter many Norwegians go up in the mountains for their "last enthusiasts" skiing and snow experiences. Norway is a mountain country and we seek the highs wherever we can find them.
On the photos below I am at Dalsnibba (1476) in Geiranger Norway, and at Franz Josephs Hoehe (2422) in Austria.
Going further up in the sky we will enter the areas normally controlled by Eagles and Gods like this painting by Franz Widerberg.That is no hindering for my sister Brit that during this Easter visited Manchu Picchu (2430) in Peru after tracking in highs up to 4800 m.and that Rikke (one month to go for her first child) together with friends from UWCSEA in 1996 reached peaks at 6000 m in Ladak, India. No problem understanding why the Danes call us Norwegians "Mountain Monkeys".
Happy Easter.


mrsnesbitt said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Arnea.

RuneE said...

Vi har alle en variabel påskefeiring - her har du tatt med det meste.

PS Vi får se...