Wednesday, March 9

Malaga - Tapas Bars and Roman Theatre

It is impossible to visit Malaga without visiting some of the Tapas bars you can find in almost every narrow streets if the old city. The variety of menus give you many possible dishes, but also just a "Copa de Vino" either red or white.
I have previously blogged about Malaga and the ancient memories from the roman and moorish periods, but this view of the Roman Theatre is hopefully new. At least it is taken yesterday.
If you turn 180 degrees from this view, there is the Tapas bar "EL PIMPI"

It is not like "fru Burums" but the vino blanco is even better for 15 nok a glass.

The walls are covered with photos of lots of famous people. The bar can feel free to steel these photos from my blog and add them to the gallery.

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