Sunday, March 6

Waves, "Knerten", 64 years and great celebration

In the early morning a single surfer challenged the waves. Waiting for the right wave and then throwing himself into the water.
We later saw him in the waves so everything went as he wanted, we hope.
We met "Knerten" on our morning exercise, but I cannot remember that he ever went out fishing. Now it is too late to give Anne-Chat Vestly an idea for another book.

As a special courtesy from the hotel we (all long stay fellows) got a "free lunch" this Sunday. As T also has her birthday, a special attention to her celebration was given through a Tiramisu with candlelight.
After lunch we are relaxing with a good Cava at the balcony. The birthday dinner + + was performed last night.
After lunch all the long stay people was gathered in front of the reception together with the manager Carlos Cano (in black 5th row).  Nice people mostly from Scotland and England, but about five couples from Norway too.

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Anne said...

Arti arti, men dere skiller dere ut blant denne pensjonistgjengen, bare så det er sagt!!