Saturday, March 5

La Canada, Marbella and New Snow on mountains

When the rain is streaming from dark clouds we always have the possibility to stay almost a whole day indoors. Not in the apartment but in the huge shopping mall "La Canada" outside Marbella. My wife can use her black belt in shopping and I can sit at a cafe with an Americano and a Croissant.
In addition we can have a great lunch at Mr.Wok´s asian buffet and dream back to the years living in Singapore. The Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki have a high Japanese standard and all the other buffet dishes is well worth a visit.
A glass of wine or a beer (or coffee) at the orange square (la plaza de las naranjas) can also be worth a break before returning to the apartment by bus.
At the  buss stop the sea was dark this afternoon, but the most important view from this point, was the white snow at the mountains behind Malaga city.
Without long range lenses the quality of the photo taken by my iPhone can be questioned, but you see right; it is new fallen white snow and not clouds in the horizon.

Today we are back to sun and good weather, but the wind is really chilly. It is Springtime.

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Anne said...

Snø og regn, uansett kjekt å være på tur da Arne :-)