Friday, March 4

Ten days with sun, then thunderstorm and rain

Until yesterday we had only experienced blue sky, a huge warm sun and summer temperatures of around +20 C since we arrived the province of Malaga. Tonight the weather turned mad, and the rain is pouring down from a dark sky with lightening and thunder.
However, tomorrow it will hopefully again turn to spring and walking along the Mediterranean horizon will be a combination of physical and psychological recovery.

Yesterday we discovered a new path of walking. Taking the train to Torremolinos and walking back home via Benalmadena and Torreblanka  (included a short buss-trip) showed us a nice Paseo and a spectacular harbor in Benalmadena.
The waves coming in from the sea will always be a motive,
but so will the spectacular decorations and sculptures to see along the road.
One of the well known landmarks in Spain is the Osborne Bulls. I read in a newspaper that there still are about 90 of these huge brand-marks placed on different hills around the country. The bulls are 14 meters tall and has a weight of 4000 kilograms. Each installation is really "a true work of engineering", and the liquors are delicious.
Leaving the apartment at 9:30 am and returning 3:30 pm makes the day a well worth time-spanding period including a good lunch with pasta and cafe Americano at some of the hundred of nice places along the beaches.

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