Saturday, March 12


A week ago we walked from Torremolinos to Benalmadena in good weather and discovered the beauty of the paseo along the coast. Yesterday we once more visited Benalmadena and tried to walk in the opposite direction. The weather outlook was not the best, but during the tour it turned really spectacular. Coming to the Carihuelva beach we had to turn around and find some bars and restaurants instead. Not a too bad choice.
The Mediterranean was almost grey, and I had to keep a firm grip on my umbrella.
The effect of the shivering disco due to the wind makes an interesting result on the photo.
Back at the hotel Rio Fuengirola had over flooded the area far away from the normal riverbanks. Although it is not comparable to the horror in Japan and the Tzunami, the effect of the nature is truly visible.
The last photo this Saturday morning when the yellow circle on the sky is fake, according to Pablo the receptionist, we met one of the inhabitants in the garden. His or her apartment is certainly not registered with a room number.

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