Monday, March 14

Carnaval Torremolinos 2011

Sunday we dropped the morning exercise and made a longer stroll from Los Alamos (arrived by train) to El Canuelo (beach above), Torremolinos, La Carihuela (beach around first corner), Benalmadena, to Fuengirola (with bus) and home along the Paseo Maritim. A 5 hours tour including public transport and breaks for lunch and drinks. A lovely warm day in good sunny weather.
At La Carihuela Beach (2.1km long) we were surprised by a Carnival Procession. If these figures are Jacket Potatoes filled with ?????, I do not know, but Ludvik and Solan are not that well known in Spain so any proposal may be welcomed.
The Queen of the day had to make a break together with other spectacular costumes,
while the card kings (free after Jan Baker) documented the historic day for the child in the push chair.

And as you see the weather was Spanish Andalucian style.

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