Saturday, February 2

Henrik og fremtiden

On this Saturday my intention was to write about future challenges and probably problems in the IT world.
I had some thoughts about coverphoto, but late yesterday night some lovely photos of my grandson Henrik Isak came by e-mail so no alternative could compete.

Henrik is now ab.4 months and looking like his mother who again looks like her father, so ..........
See the start of his life here on Blip.TV

So to the "planned" topic in which Henrik too will be a participant as a schoolboy.

If you look at the map from yesterday blogpost, you will find some dark areas without flags.

In an article at my old company DNV Homepage you can read that the so-called BRIC-countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – are supposed to invest in IT infrastructure to a volume of 800 million more PC users within 2015. These users will operate standard Laptops 30 times more powerful, less expensive and with more storage capacity than we use today.

That challenge will also create problems as about 2% of human CO2 emissions will come from this manufacturing (equal to today emissions from the maritime industry). To learn more fact of the CO2 Challenge, download The little green DataBook 2007

Another problem in the CIT area we could read about in yesterday Wired , was the Internet blackout in Asia, when some communication cables was cut off. Regarding the cable see update here

Yesterday we also heard that the browser Netscape with which we started our Internet experience in Singapore 1994, now was due to the graveyard. You gave us much, rest in peace.

All of these topics could cover many blogposts, but for you sitting inside in front of the fireplaces and with heavy snowing outside, I thought I should help you with surfing possibilities.

Have a nice weekend.


Nessa said...

So much to think about.

dot said...

Your grandson is precious! It's amazing how much he has improved.

Anemone said...

Nei har du sett.... for en tøffing og så søt !!!
Skjønner du er stolt av denne krabaten ja, og at andre tama bare måtte vike plass på bloggen :-)))

Dick said...

Interesting, nice picture

Andrea said...