Saturday, January 5

Saturday and heavy snowing

After joining the Sky Watch Web I discovered that the world is much greater than Norwegian friends and family.
Well, I did know, but compared to all people visiting my blog, these Sky Watchers also made comments and evaluations of photos presented.

Thanks to all, and you may see who they are under the label Sky Watchers to the right on my blog. Visit their blogs and join.

Today photos are posted because the snow outside my window seems to stay at the ground for more than a few hours, and because one of Norway´s great painters Ørnulf Opdahl has birthday (64 years) today. Congratulation to him and H.M.Queen Sonja, who is trained in painting by Ørnulf. The painting to the right is called "The Island Dimon" from 1979-80, a few years before he hold the position as Professor at the Norwegian Art Academy. May be the painting also qualify to Sky Watch presentations.

Siden det er lørdag blir det vel tur i byen med lunsj på Cafe Christiania om vi ikke snør inne før vi kommer så langt.


Anonymous said...

Det ser ut som om dere i dag har fått mer snø enn vi har fått så langt i Sandvika. Planen for dagen er en tur til Horten, men det er kanskje best å sjekke forholdene først?
Ha en fin helg!

dot said...

We could use some of that snow over here. Beautiful picture!

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! I love the first one! Similar to the ones I posted today.