Sunday, August 3

Climbing and Danger - K2

Climbers are reported missing in the attempt to reach the world's second highest mountain K2. One of them are the Norwegian climber Rolf Bae (33).
It feels strange to have written the post from yesterday about my daughter´s tracking in Ladakh and learning about the accident in different media today. There is no comparison between these two challenges. Rikke and her friends tracked in safe areas up to 6000 m, while the K2 is 8611 m and may be the most difficult mountain to climb in the world.
The Norit K2 Expedition 2008 homepage gives the latest Breaking news, and the status from K2BaseCamp-NL (14.00 hr. K2-time) is:
Exhausted climbers are still descending from the Abruzzi route.


CAS en PEMBA: now descending from C3
WILCO: Descending from C3 with Cas and Pemba
MARCO: Descending from Abruzzi with HAP's.
MARK: Safe in K2BC
JELLE: safe in K2BC
NICK RiCE: safe in K2BC

GERARD: status unknown. Unfortunately no new information.
HUGUES: status unknown. Unfortunately no new information.
KARIM : status unknown. Unfortunately no new information.
Cecilie: Reportedly returned to BC Abruzzi
Rolf: status unknown
Rolf: Has been confirmed as fatal by his wife Cecilie Skog who had been climbing with him on K2.


Denise said...

Our thoughts Arne, are wiht them.

Anonymous said...

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