Monday, August 4

Building Bridges

August is on. New (and old) Bridges are shown around the world through RuneE´s Blogroll

I have decided to show old bridges this time. They are from different places in time and space. Some of them visited by millions of persons throughout the years, and some dedicated for selected and may be odd people.
The first is a photo I have shown earlier (Rune has accepted that). The "Jade Belt Bridge" can be found at the Summer Palace in Beijing and I choose it for the upcoming Olympics.The next is a tiny bridge in the beautiful area at Herdalseter Norddal. The bridge is used to bring the goats back to the milking area, but if you want to track between Geiranger, Eidsdal and Tafjord you may cross the river over this bridge.Another bridge we had to pass on our holiday at Sunnmøre this summer was the Hellesylt Bridge which is used as part of the Ferry (Hellesylt - Geiranger) entrance. The waterfall to the right is gorgeous, but that I have to show you another time. May be someone out there can start a River and Waterfall-day too.Well back in Oslo a visit to Vigeland´s sculptures and Frognerparken is an urban habit. This photo is taken earlier this year showing both bridge, waterfalls and people crossing the troubled water close to "Casino sætra" or "Herregaardskroen".


RuneE said...

What a difference there is between Beijing and Norddal!You have covered the international aspect very well.

imac said...

My word you have some beautiful bridges here.

Hyde DP said...

An interesting set of bridges. I remember the waterfall at Hellesylt. I took a few photographs but I don't think they really turned out all that well. Of course the waterfalls on Geirangerfjorden are truly magnificent, especially the seven sisters.

Liv said...

For en spennvidde du viser oss i dag!Jadebroen er fantatis på sin måte, men det synes jeg sannelig om Hellesyltbroen også!
Og de små broene i utmarka må ikke overses, de har så absolutt sin funksjon om de ikke utmerker seg med tant og fjas. Flott innlegg!

Se mitt innlegg for i dag:

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Now you have done a very very good job with the Bridges, Arne. They are very beautiful all of them and they are all very unique!

I have been in one of them. And of course it's the bridge to Frogneparken.
I have been to Geiranger as well, but I dont remeber this bridge. Only the beautiful watherfall and the road.

And now I will answer you from your last comment at my blogg;)

Hammarøy = Hamsund? Ja det er helt riktig det. Det er utrolig vakkert der oppe, men er nok mest kjent pga Hamsund.

Paulie said...

Beautiful views with the bridges but my favorite is the first. maybe if I were thee in person, I would choose another.

Anonymous said...

Such very different bridges from different places. They each have their own attractions.

Berit said...

Ja dette var mange flotte broer, fra det enkle til det mektige!

Marie said...

Her var det mange fine bruer! Eg falt pladask for den første!