Sunday, August 24

Olympic Games 2008 is history

Beijing 2008 Olympics is at the posting hour in the the Closing Ceremony. Yesterday Norway got the second and third gold medal. Total score is 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze. China got totally 100 medals. Congratulation to all.
Many bloggers will leave their computers and have their eyes on the TV screen, but may be some will use the moment to surf the net and visit blog friends.

The darkness of night will soon cover the sky in Beijing, and as we did last night may be the half moon can be watched from the Great Wall.Within hours olympic participants will find their departing planes and return to their home countries in triumph like the Norwegian Handball Team. We love them all.
When somebody is celebrating after swimming, rowing, walking, throwing, shooting and so fort, I have worked out another painting called Night and Day.
From tomorrow the political trivialities again will make the headlines in media but we will meet again in London 2012.


Denise said...

2012...I will try to contain myself!

RuneE said...

Det er bra at jeg snart skal over for å inspisere hvor langt engelskmennene er kommer i forberedelsene.

PS Jeg har nå lagt ut post på begge blogger om at "Broene" blir flyttet. Håper ikke det blir for mange negative kommentarer, men det var nødvendig

GundaM said...

Hmmm, ol sa du..? Over? ja, ja bra noen følger med!

Stilig bilde da du, herlige farger! Og baccalao ja, må bli en hustrig høstdag det da;)

T said...

with the worst logo ever designed....

John said...

Ja nå er det over for denne gang.
Jeg syntes det har vært et flott gjennomført OL og de noske har prester over forventning. Vi slo jo svenskene.
Flotte bilder og et spenstig maleri.

PS: Har lagt ut noen Ålesund bilder! Ris og ros mottas med takk. ;-)

Ha en flott uke.

Paulie said...

The closing ceremony is not on our TV yet here but will be soon. I smiled when Norway won the other day because I now know a few people thru blogging who live there and it means something special to me now. I know we (US) have lots of medals but the Chinese have beat us in the number of gold ones. . . haven't seen totals today.

Paulie said...

Forgot to say that I also left a comment on the neighbor's move post.

Rambling Woods said...

I really like the painting. I watched only bits and pieces of the games as I really like the parts that aren't given much attention like fencing as my husband fences. Congrats to all!