Thursday, August 7

Flickr Pro needs to be repaid

In 2002 I decided to try out my desire to work with painting. I had recently visited the Picasso Museums in Antibes and Barcelona. There I saw how one of the worlds most famous painters worked with paper. That made it easier to start playing with colors without extraordinary expenses. A 25 meter roller of pasteboard costs almost nothing and some tubes with Red, Blue, Yellow and White acrylic and a few paintbrushes was an investment giving great returns over the years.
My first painting (above) was from Nice and Promenade des Anglais and I called it Dame and Dogs.
Almost 250 paintings (Acrylic on paper and canvas) have been finished through the following years and I have collected some of them in different galleries like:
Selected Paintings 2003 - 2007 and My Painting Gallery

This morning I received a warning that my Flickr Pro account with almost 1600 photos was not renewed, and I was only able to see 200 of these if not paying shortly. Normally I get renewal of invoices automatically, but this time either I or the system have made an error.
So remember You have to be active yourself regarding keeping up some of the "not free" accounts you register during the normal internet work. Not everything is free.

Back to painting and my works during the last 7 years. Not everything I have done is of great quality. I should either worked more with some of the paintings or stopped working earlier in the process. May be some of them never should be presented. Bad or Good here they are in total


Ida said...

Hei Arne.
Jeg er tilbake på bloggen nå etter en fin pause og ferie.
Det var godt å komme hit til deg for å se gjennom galleriet ditt.
Sterke og flotte farger.
Fine motiv.
Kos deg videre med malepenslene og alle fargene, og i livet ellers.
Ønsker deg og din kjære fine sommerdager videre. :)

RuneE said...

Jeg håper du har tatt back-up på "vanlig måte". Dersom du leser det som står med liten skrift på Flickr, Photobucket og lignende steder, så vil du finne at du har tilnærmet ingen rettigheter over dine egne bilder,med mindre du tar disse gjennom det amerikanske rettsystemet...

Bildene die er alt for bra til å overlates til dem uten videre.

Marie said...

Godt du ikkje mista bildene dine! Du har mange flotte malerier, sterke fargar og talentfull strek! Litt Munch over dei.

Eg skreiv ein liten kommentar til bruinnlegget også.

Ha ein fin torsdagskveld :)

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for the links. I really like "Nordalen 06".

You have done a lot of really nice work and I appreciate your style very much.



willow said...

Hello! I'm over here from Troy's blog. Nice painting! I studied art in college, but haven't painted in years...need to get out the old brushes and give it a whirl. Your're inspiring me!