Sunday, August 24

Thank you for 31 years neighbourliness

Yesterday strangers visites the cottage next to ours with the intention to buy this red cottage.

The cottage has been in the ownership of the Sønsteby family since the building in 1930, but present owners Kjell and Else Marie have soon reached the age of 80 and are tired of maintenance and gardening. Their children and grand children are living outside Oslo, and therefore not eligible to take over.

Tullen and I have in all these years had good relation to Kjell and Else Marie. We have never had any fence between our properties, but never went across the border without any specific purpose. They taught us how to live and work at a place like this. They as we, have always used the cottage as summer residence. They have been great to our daughters through their childhood life at Solvang, and "inne hos ´abon" was often the answer when we asked them where they had been.
We really will call them GOOD neighbours.
This photo was taken eight years ago when celebrating the garden´s 70th anniversary. We also celebrated the 50th anniversary in 1980, two years after we were newcomers.
Thanks for all during these 31 summers.


John said...

Ser ut som dere har det veldig trivelig på Solvang. Et stille og rolig strøm men samtidig så sentralt. Regner vel med at dere bor der mesteparen av sommerhalvåret.
Det må også være deilig å slippe å kaste bort omtrent halve helgen i bil på E18 nedover sørlandske som mange gjør.

Paulie said...

What a wonderful next door friendship you were blessed with! I am sorry they ae moving away BUT now YOU have the opportunity to show the same kindness to your new neighbors whoever they might be.

Neva said...

Aren't you fortunate to have had such wonderful neighbors and friends?! I wish them well wherever they go...they look like a lovely couple.