Monday, August 18

Monday odd shot and more

According to my dictionary.:
Odd = " different from what is usual or expected; strange"
Odd = " having one left over as a remainder when divided by two"
Odd = " happening or occurring infrequently and irregularly; occasional"
Odd = " separated from a usual pair or set and therefore out of place or mismatched"

Yesterday I posted the infrequently odd situation with the Lunar eclipse.
Today these strange feet of king Bladuds pig Abi give you a possibility to give bids (current bid £1400)In addition I think the last bowl of left over raspberries from yesterday garden work is odd enough for the blog this Monday.And at last a painting from autumn 2002 showing the combination of green, black and pink which somebody would find mismatched. (ps. I don´t have or use a pink scarf) For more Odd Shots you are welcome to visit Katney


Daryl said...

Thats my favorite shade of pink!


magiceye said...

cool interpretations!

Do click here to visit my Odd Shot for the week.

babooshka said...

I like your imterpretaions of what for you is odd. Nicely topped off with a very fetching pink scarf.

ANNA-LYS said...

To me "Odd" is a Scandinavian name on a male person ... but, we are odd, aren't we? LOL :-)

RuneE said...

Å kalle et selvportrett for "Odd shot" - jeg ville heller kalt det selvironoi.

John said...

Takk for kommentaren på bildene fra Dalsnibba. 19 kunne jo også vært stilkarakter ved et fall utfor plattået. :-)

Likte tolkningen din av ODD.
Jeg har vanskelig for å se for meg deg med rosa skjerf, isåfall hadde det vært defently odd.

Flott bilde av barnebarnet og ikke minst måneformørkelsen. Det gikk i glemmeboka her.

Paulie said...

Love those raspberries! I think you look stunning in pink and should get a pink scarf! My grown son wears a pink shirt and tie sometimes. He bought it when his daughter was born and looks pretty kewl in it. Come and see my odd shot.

Marie said...

Stram kar! Kledeleg i rosa!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous Blue eye's~ grabbed my attention, but the pink scarf is a lovely shade of pink! :)
Have a beautiful week!