Saturday, August 2

Saturday Urban Life - or the opposite

Looking at the photo above Urban Life seems so far away. And you could not be more correct. This scenery is from the north of India, Ladakh, and mountain above 6000 m.
The landscape is spectacular and starting point for tracking may be the largest city Leh and you may visit the town Shey that has the old summer palace of the Ladakh kings, or the Thikse Monastery. Leh is at an altitude of 3,500 meters (11,483ft), and to be able to reach 6,000 m several days are needed to get used to the high.
Ladakh is mainly influenced by Buddhist Culture and the Bhavacakra (Wheel of Life) is painted outside the monastery .
Tracking is walking, climbing, moving to higher altitude in cooperation with your body´s internal systems. Several days are needed for the last approach to 6000.
The young students from UWCSEA has changed from their school uniforms t-shirts and shorts in the hot and humid Singapore to fleece and overcoats. My daughter Rikke utmost right was only 15 years on this fantastic adventure.
As a Norwegian, the teachers asked Rikke to be in front making pathway in the snow and she made it. At the summit she was so tired that she fell asleep after 5 hours climbing. Only 9 teachers and students (including Rikke and Olivia) reached the altitude of 6000. Congratulation to all.
This post is dedicated to all the persons presently tracking in the Norwegian Mountains, and particularly to my sister Brit who is visiting Tafjord Mountains and can experience the nature like Morten Helgesens Photos


Catherine said...

Hello Arne!
I came from skywatch...havent got to that post yet, this first one really grabbed my attention!~What a beautiful place, the landscape and scenery is just beautiful!
As are your photographs! A beautiful place..beautifully captured!
Have a great day~I'm off to check out more of your wonderful blog!

kjpweb said...

You got a tough daughter! :)
Good images! Thank you for sharing!
Cheers, Klaus

Ackworth Born said...

One sometimes thinks the mountains of Norway are very remote and difficult but compared to the Himalayas they are mere modest hills.