Tuesday, August 5

ABC Wednesday - C = Chinaware

On Friday, August 8th the Olympic Games in Beijing China will be opened.

May be C is for China will be the selected letter for many participants in ABC Wednesday this week. To find out if that is correct, please visit the page hosting our contribution.

The Norwegian Participants during the Beijing 2008 Games, can found in Wikipedia and counts 85 persons.

I choose a little different variant of the C / China this week.

C is for Chinaware
China-ware, Bone-China, Porcelain or Chinese Ceramics has developed in the form of a fine art ever since the rule of the dynasties. Some experts believe the first true porcelain was made in the province of Zhejiang during the Eastern Han period (1260-1300).
China-ware or Ceramics are generally grouped into three main categories: earthenware, stoneware and ceramics. In China they are grouped under 2 broad headings:

High-fired China-ware
Low-fired China-ware
China-ware can also be divided into northern and southern China-ware. The geographical differences between the north and the south lead to the availability of different kinds of raw materials. Thus the main difference between the China-ware of the north and the south is that in composition. In the western countries porcelain is distinguished from other materials by virtue of its translucency, while in China any opaque piece of ware, which rings with a clear note when struck with something is identified as porcelain.

When living in Singapore we had our preferred "Pottery", and could find some really special pieces (not to be compared with Ming porcelain)
The term “Pottery” is an all-encompassing term that is generally used to mean all the products that the potter produces by using his art.


Texas Travelers said...

Nice post and photos on Chinaware.

Our "C" is Here.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

leslie said...

I love fine china but don't think I'll be attending the Olympics in China this year.

Come for a visit at my house! :D

Texas Travelers said...

Loved your comment on my blog.

Ackworth Born said...

I never really understood the term bone-china.

ellen b said...

Very cool photos and information! I love to look at all kinds of china! These days I do prefer the "made in England" older pieces...

Liz said...

Is that where the word china, meaning pottery, comes from? I've never thought of that!

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Hei hei! Kjempebra C-valg!

shutterhappyjenn said...

I love China wares!

My C post is HERE. Please stop by if you have some time. It will be very much appreciated. Happy Wednesday!

Patty said...

Happy ABC. I love the photos.
Stop by and see mine if you have time.

Lynette said...

A great choice for your ABC Wednesday post.

Gary said...

Excellent post on Chinaware - some impressive pieces there too!

Bodge's Bulletin.

RuneE said...

I hope you didn't behave like an elephant in the china-shop...

Bear Naked said...

When I was very young I thought bone-china was made from bones.

Bear((( )))

Bear Naked said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lesson.
You mean I was correct?
I hope they use animal bones not what I thought when I was young!
My grandfather used to tease me with a bone china piece from my grandmothers' collection when I was very young.

Bear((( )))

Catherine said...

Oh Arne!! You've gone and done it now~:) You've got my heart racing with this fabulous post on china and china ware...what gorgeous china and pics of it...especially the BLUE & WHITE~ I have a major addiction to Blue & White China~I am a very passionate collector..I would love to have some of the pieces in your blue & white pic!
Loving my visits here more & more!
You were right~ You do love many things!
Wishing you a beautiful day! :) Always a treat visiting your blog!

chanpheng said...

Nice ceramic pictures - funny, we get the same kinds of Chinese forms in our markets here.

My C contribution is here. Hope you enjoy it.