Tuesday, May 19

Apartment renovation nearly finished

Sometimes my world is very narrow. Hopefully next week will be more interesting when family from Wales are coming on a visit. However here is my tuesday contribution.
As described in my blog on May 5th we have had an accident connected to spreading of building dust all over our apartment. A cleansing process has now been going on in our rooms for three weeks. The final activity (presently going on) is to restore our paintings by a professional conservator.
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SandyCarlson said...

Good luck with that! Sounds like a big project.

Wolynski said...

That red dust in your earlier post looks nasty - ugh.

Congratulations on your Eurovision win, but the song, even though delivered enthusiastically, well... not great.

Arija said...

What a lot of trouble the dust caused.

RuneE said...

Lykke til videre - håper alt går bra. Også med ryggen.

Anne said...

Her skjer det jammen ting :-) Ligger ikke på latsiden du nei Arne, det sal være visst. Godt allikevel da at dere ser enden på dette prosjektet.

17. mai feiring med nyt barnebae og flott vær, kan man ha det bedre??