Tuesday, May 5

P for Painting in ABC Wednesday

A painter is a painter and painting is painting, or is a painter a painter?
A painter is a handyman painter when painting the floor at our summer cottage yesterday. I would call the color "the master of the house´s nightmare", where everything will become visible on the deep red floor, and washing is not my favorite.
The tool is also a little bigger than what I normally use, but I love paintings in large formats.
A painter is also a painter when making paintings in formats not suitable for every apartment and only for gallery or institution walls. This was 100 x 150cm (acrylic on canvas) but became overpainted later because another way of express the motive turned out more interesting. Maybe I will return to the original idea this summer. The colors used so far was not bad.A painter is a proud painter too, when discovering a good working result "hidden" in my daughter´s apartment from the day it was finished. Now the soon to come mother and father have moved to a new place, and suddenly I saw my work at the wall. Immediately I had to shoot an iPhone photo of it.
The Painting, called "the first day at school" (acrylic on paper, 36 x 40cm), I made some years ago, but have not had it in my gallery before today.
P is for the Painter´s Paintings presented in My Gallery on the ABC Wednesday = P.More P expressions can be found at ABC Wednesday Round 4


Anonymous said...

Du har valt samma tema som jag - att måla och fotografera det är livet det.
Fina motiv du har.

Reader Wil said...

That's a great painting and your floor must be fantastic. I did my floor last week with transparant paint. I did it on my knees. Afterwards I was pretty stiff. Have a great week!

RuneE said...

P'ene var fullt på høyde med Andre Bjerke. Bra.

PS Min sviger er en malermester som også har malt...

Mara said...

Your daughter must be really proud to hang your art on the wall! (Hey, another P)

GundaM said...

HIls kona tusen takk for den rustne ståltråd;)

Flott bilde!

Anne said...

Nei, se på han du :-)))

og engelsk...??? herregud mann!!! hvordan tor du det hadde blitt???