Wednesday, May 13

Gates to Palma de Mallorca

My contribution to the meme "the Doors" this week is from my stay in Palma de Mallorca the last week in April.
First one of the gates to the old town, the castle and the cathedral La Seu . The cathedral is overlooking the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea, protected by the old town walls. This gate is one of the beautiful openings in the wall.
The gate seen from the seaside above and towards the sea below.
The second is Porta Vella de Moll, the old gateway to the city from the sea is located between La Llotja (Palma de Majorca guildhall build in 1426, and one of the most beautiful civil buildings on the whole of the island) also called Palma's masterpiece of Gothic civic architecture, and on the other side Consulat de Mar, the former maritime court which houses the Baleares government.

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RuneE said...

Porter, dører og vinduer er alltid gode motiver. De sier mye om både de som bor der, de som bodde der - i det hele tatt mye god historie og arkitektur i blanding.

Synd med isjiasen! Min er "snill" i øyeblikket (sitter noenlunde samme sted". Spaseringen har nok hjulpet.

God bedring!