Saturday, May 2

Palma de Mallorca - hasta luego

During this week I have taken you on a journey to the streets in Palma de Mallorca and what we experienced during our stay in the capital of the Baleares.
You may have been tired of all these photos, but at least have I had a great time going through my memories and recalled this stay which I highly recommend for people not only going to Mallorca for the beaches, sun and wine.

This last painting can be found at the modern Palma de Mallorca Airport approaching the international departure gates. Hasta luego.

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Anne said...

Jøss, Arne blogger på kveldstid??
ja, jeg fant np vienher fordi mannen tok helt overhånd over den fjernkontrollen jeg da :-)
Lære om olje, en lørdag kveld, kjedelig type.

På bildet der er de like tett som på fotobloggen min i dag gitt!!