Friday, May 8

Side effects - House Renovation

Presently some specialists are taken action in our home to limit the damaging side effects of an accident performed by our neighbors during their renovation activity of own apartment. Very fine (micro) dust has been spread in all rooms, and walls, carpets, paintings, textiles and books are under treatment by competent resources. We expect the cleansing process to take some additional days in next week too.
Lucky us to be insured for such disaster.

The photo is from our glass cabinet in the dining room, and neither wine nor cognac will be served from these utensils in the coming weekend. We have others.

We were fortunate to have a "tight" door for the cabinet, thus reducing the wider spreading of the red sooting demon. I therefore add the "The Doors" logo to this post.


Randi's Tanker said...

Uffda, dette så "fole" ut! Godt dere får andre til å ta arbeidet.

God helg (med andre glass...)

RuneE said...

Det var bra an cognacen ble reddet :-)

First things first.