Sunday, May 17

May 17. photos

Breakfast at home with Norwegian Salmon, Chrimps, Eggs, Herring, Chees, Strawberry etc. and of course Beer, Champagne and coffee/ tea. Maja needs to be breast-fed, but that is only for some months or years. After that she will enjoy coming to us for other reasons.
Grandma and Maja at the balcony
And Maja taking a nap after feeding and photo session.
The master himself relaxing at Fridtof (Pub close to the City Hall). Problems with the "bunad" this year due to expansion of abdomen, but there are many tailors and fitnes centra with competence to get rid of the problem till next May 17.


ANNA-LYS said...

Gratulerar Norge
med fioler och flaggor <3

Marie said...

Ser at du og dine har hatt ei fin feiring av dagen :)
Skjønn lita tulle, forstår godt at ho blir eit midtpunkt!

Gratulerer med dagen :)

RuneE said...

En forsinket gratulasjon med dagen!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Well done photography and the narrative is perfect. I like it and your new blog look. Or new to me.