Friday, May 1

Palma de Mallorca - Art and Paintings

As always when visiting cities around the world I search around for interesting paintings and other works by artists, famous and unknown. Painters are usually located in plazas and pedestrian streets where some are working on spot, and others are only selling own and others works. (Click on photos to se them in larger size)
This artist was at her corner every morning around 9 am and we had a short discussion about her "kind" / "photolike" on canvas her neighbor artist more expressionistic acrylic on paper.
The third painter presented his version of the tram in traffic between Port de Soller and Soller train station
At our lunch restaurant in Soller the walls was covered with paintings for sale. This bull became my choice for blog presentation.
Juan Miro and Majorca are intertwined. Miro's mother was from the island. His mother, Dolors Ferra i Oromi was the daughter of a cabinet-maker in Palma, Majorca. Joan Miro lived and worked here in Majorca for 40 years.
Palma´s newest museum and gallery has works vy Picasso and Miro, but contemporary art by many artists are well worth a visit.
The painting below by Max Neuman is presently for sale at 35.000 euros.
This painting decorating the reception at our Hotel is a great expression og the narrow street in old Palma, and the model is easy to find in my previous posts.
At last I give you a sculpture by George Sugarman placed below the old city wall.
Have a nice art journey to Palma de Mallorca.


Anne said...

Uansett, kjent eller ukjent kunstner, hovedsaken er jo at man liker det man ser, at fargene, formen og utrykket gir deg noe, rører noe i sjelen din, er det ikke?? Er ingen stor kjenner jeg da, men tenker nå slik.

Ha en toppers 1. mai feiring!!

Mira said...

oh wow.these are pretty inspiring.i particulalry love the weird building proportions by the street vendor int he book said...

This is really fantastic! I really like the last painting!
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