Saturday, May 30

Thank you for the visit

Henrik and Helene has returned to Wales.
A week with the grandchildren has come to an end. We are exhausted, but would never have been without the two kids running around in the apartment. Laughing and playing, crying and shouting, reading for hours in the bathroom, and taking everything out of every possible drawer. Playing the piano to the despair of Hedda and Stian, (our neighbors downstairs), and through their English language make people wondering hoe so "small" children could speek a foreign language with such excellence.
Henrik at the cottage has the special smart face the make you wandering what he has done without our knowledge.
He is also trying out the bicycle without reaching down to the pedals.
At Sognsvann Helene is feeding the ducks, but keep the distance to the water.
"Mormor" and the two Cymric growing children.
Thank you for the visit and please return as soon as possible to Norway and us.

1 comment:

Anne said...

De er jo så sjønne de to, og den lilele frøkena helene kommer til å bli den skjønnheten, detr ser man bare.

Koselig med besøk da, og dere to synes sikkert det er litt kjedleig at de bor så langt borte. Godt vi har tekniske hjelpemidler i dag som bidrar til at avstanden blir litt kortere.

Se innom, har en `ende` som du kan nyte litt :-))

Og jeg overlevde pinseaften så langt, heksa slapp unna bålet i år også ser det ut som.

Kos deg videre denne pinseaften.