Tuesday, March 3

Celebration with snowdrops

Eleven years ago. Tuesday at 12.15 pm my phone was ringing. "Now we think we have an organ for you", the doctor said. "Think?", I answered. "No, we are quite sure - and we have both a heart and a kidney donated".
I felt my body hairs at the neck rose. Some drops of sweat left my skin and my voice was shivering, "When do I have to arrive at the hospital?" "Well, We don´t believe you are able to do anything sensible at home now, so come to us within two hours. Take your medicine required at once. You are due around six pm."

Eleven years later. Tuesday at 14.00 pm another doctor was cutting up the closed left eyelid and confirmed that another transplantation (caused by medical side effect) was successful.

At the same time I received the photo of this year first spring flowers from Asbjørn.

To night we celebrate with a good bottle of red wine for dinner, and send thousands of thanks to the donor saving my life. I have taken good care of your gift for life.
Be an organ donor you too by involving your family in your desire to give life to another if there is no hope any more for yourself. Take your standpoint today and tell your family about your decision.


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Randi said...

Gratulerer med dagen! Vel verdt å feire!

Lyst på livet said...

Haha...glemet jeg å si at oppvaskbørsten var til gubben?
Gratulere med gårsdagen forresten. Verdt å feire, både med vin og snøklokker.
Ha en fin dag :-)