Tuesday, March 17

Distinctions and Medals

When emptying a closet with old "leftovers" during the weekend, I came over some old units symbolizing distinctions and medals that made me think of activities far back in my life. I played in a school band, my father was singing in a choir, as many other children I was active in sport including rowing and joined the army receiving skill-symbols as most other soldiers.
No achievements mentioned in newspapers, but resulting in marks that show participating and/or victories in competition with others.
Put together these units look like this:This assembly is not comparable with the volume in one of the exceptional decorations at my favorite Cafe Christiania where pins, medals and different buttons are presented.
These symbols are far away from the University award achieved by my daughter when graduated as Master of Arts, First-Class Honours with Distinction, but that is another story. Giving birth to and grooming her two children are giving no medals, but lot of great moments for parents and grandparents. Henrik and Helene playing in the garden in Wales carrying the Norwegian sweater caller "Marius".


mrsnesbitt said...

I love discovering treasures when sorting out!

RuneE said...

Hvem spør om penger, grader og titler i ettertiden?. Det som lever videre er "de små".

Anemone said...

Svømmeknappen da??