Saturday, March 21

The Sunday Roast

As the 60th in a weekly series of interviews with bloggers from around the world, David McMahon a Melbourne-based journalist and internationally-published photographer present an interview with me.
I am honored being on the list of interesting bloggers, and use the opportunity to recommend a daily visit to David´s Blog: Authorblog
Have a nice weekend


Anemone said...

Styrter inn for å lese ja... sier du noe jeg ikke vet om deg mon tro??

Hilsen en nyskjerrig kjærring

Cath said...

A wonderful interview - you remind me of My Dad who also paints and has blogged since about 2005, to no one in particular and enjoys it just the same.

Lovely blog.

RuneE said...

Gratulerer med "steiken" - som ventet klarte du dett bra og fikk frem det vesentlige.

Nå kan du ta resten av dagen fri.