Sunday, March 15

Holmenkollen or Spain

This year`s Holmenkoll competition and the final in the Nordic Tournament is taken place at Vikersund due to reconstruction of the old hill. The Upgrading is developing according to plans, and the photo shows the new knoll shell this Sunday.The photo is taken this morning after dropping Tullen off ready for her tour between Skistua and Sognsvann. The route will be decided upon snow conditions and fitness, but Kikutstua is not far away.

She turned at Kobberhaugen according to mms received during writing this postIn the neighborhood of the Holmenkoll ski jump area you find Holmenkollen Park Hotel dated back to 1894 and the "National romantics" period.
The view from the hotel shows the western side of the Oslo Fjord towards south.
This view is a bit different from the view John and Felicity sent us when when having outdoor lunch on Friday with temps up to 18c, 3 courses and wine for €10.00 in Spain.
After 18 km and 2,5 hours later Tullen was due for pick up at Sognsvann.
Have a nice Sunday.


RuneE said...

Absolutely Spain!

Som mine dager er said...

Yepp - Spania på meg også! Ingen tvil - fordi jeg mangler alle vinter-genene de fleste normenn har.

Men du! Vi skal til Madrid i mai vi da. Så da blir det definitivt Spania!


Som mine dager er said...

Vi er klar for ALT når det gjelder Madrid. Det er vel mest meg som trekkes mot museer, men så lenge Mr. Ivrig får ta meg seg kamera så er han fornøyd vettu. Har du flere Madrid anbefalinger er jeg særdeles lydhør!

ninabakke said...

Fine bilder :)

Mvh Nina