Saturday, March 14

Saturday Safari with Camera

This week Saturday Urban Life has taken me through three Art Galleries, glasses of white sparkling wine at two vernissages and many interesting paintings to a variety of quality and prices. But most of all passing some interesting landmarks in Oslo.

You may think these places are typical tourist photo objects, but why not share them with you who have, or have not been in the capital of Norway.
First photo is from the Queens Park, a closed area of the Royal garden. The park is only open during summertime giving access to the small pavilion and the fountain-lake presently empty and full of snow and ice.
Another pavilion is located at the corner of Karl Johan and the University street. I played in this music pavilion in 1960 when joining the music festival of Norwegian school bands. We were almost 20.000 school kids from all over the country, and for me this was my first Oslo visit. Eight years later I settled down and am still living here.
At the upper end of the University street Gallery Kaare Berntsen opened the Winter exhibition today, and many very good paintings can be seen. Especially pieces made by Sigurd Winge, Haakon Bleken and Thore Heramb can be recommended.
On the way to the next Gallery we had to pass by the National Theatre with Bjørnson and Ibsen statued in front of the main entrance.
Even further down to Gallery Kunstnerforbundet with among others Hilde Svanheim´s paintings, we walked close to the City Hall, one of Oslo´s most spectacular buildings.

The third Gallery visited this Saturday was Blomqvist where they prepared for the Winter Modern Auction. Many spectacular paintings so why not look twice on the catalog and register your bid.

Have a nice weekend.

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